Fanvil VOIP IP phone systems

Fanvil VOIP IP phone systems

Fanvil VOIP IP phone systems,The Fanvil phone solutions Nairobi Kenya Builds on VoIP Successes to Deliver Crystal Clear IP Door Stations and SIP Intercoms system at the most affordable cost.

An established VoIP desktop phone manufacturer out of China, Fanvil has grown into one of the largest and most popular brands of VoIP phones in the world.

Building on that success, Fanvil is also making quite a name for itself in the rapidly growing market segment of IP SIP Door Phones and Intercoms. 

Fanvil IP SIP Door Phones and IP SIP Intercoms are well suited for a variety of applications: residential, commercial buildings, multi-family, banks, manufacturing, factories, schools, prisons, mines, supermarkets, railway stations and logistics centers.

 Anywhere customers need high-quality, robust and efficient door communication systems, Fanvil VOIP IP phone systems,has an excellent lineup of choices. 

Why IP SIP for Door Phones and Intercoms?

Since VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) replaced “old fashioned” analog “landlines” of yesterday, IP has been incorporated into intercoms, bringing improved sound, technology, reliability and all at a reduced cost.

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol), enables those same intercoms to now send data and video in addition to voice communications.

Since IP SIP Door Phones and Intercoms rely on network cabling to send and receive data, they are able to share a network infrastructure.

And as we know with all other things IT, this use of network connections allows intercoms to get even “smarter.”

 Intercoms can serve as a two-way communication device just as they always have, but with IP and SIP capability, they can now also send video and also integrate with a variety of other security and network systems like video surveillance, access control, alarms and much more.

The primary difference between an IP SIP Door Phone and an IP SIP Intercom are internal relays.

 Intercoms have contact relays that do not pass voltage and are used for indicator lights, switches and the like.

 IP SIP Door Phones have relays that provide power pass-through and can actuate door lock mechanisms with the application of power. If a customer needs to provide a communication tool, an intercom is the right product.

 If they need to provide communication along with an action like opening a door or gate, then the door phone would provide that functionality. 

Fanvil VOIP IP phone systems Quality and Affordable Pricing

Fanvil VoIP devices have always produced clear HD sound, excellent construction quality, rich features and responsive service at an affordable price point.

 Fanvil’s IP SIP Door Phones and IP SIP Intercoms deliver top-notch quality and functionality which allow businesses to increase security and access control while also reducing cost.

 Fanvil IP SIP Door Phones and IP SIP Intercoms use standard IP/RTP/RTSP protocol for voice transmission, have a variety of enterprise-level features and are compatible with many of the major platforms.

This includes Asterisk, Broadsoft, Elastix, 3CX, Epygi and more. In fact, any system that accepts “Open Standard SIP” devices are a potential candidate to use these endpoints.

As is the case with most door phones and intercoms, the device location can have a noisy environment since they are often located on streets, in factories or where crowds gather.

Having a two-way conversation in these environments can be very difficult. To solve this problem, Fanvil adopted advanced DSP noise reduction algorithms and techniques of omnidirectional sound pickup.

During calls, Fanvil units can effectively cancel or reduce background noise. At the same time, it optimizes the distance of pickups which guarantees high voice quality and provides an excellent user experience.

Regarding integration capabilities, Fanvil’s IP SIP Door Phones and IP SIP Intercoms are economical devices with triple-function capability.

 They can provide two-way communication, access control functionality and voice broadcasting. Customers or employees can open a door by entering a password or pin code on the keypad or with RFID cards or FOBS on units with embedded RFID readers.

They also have the option of pressing the call button and having the answering party use remote DTMF to control the electric door lock. Users can also communicate with each other – hands-free – using 2w/8Ω speakers to realize remote notification broadcasting. Additionally, Fanvil VOIP IP phone systems provides a remote control API port.

Customers can easily put the appropriate management functionality into their own platform for online control.

Reliable & Durable

Since a great number of door phones and intercoms are located outside, outdoor units must be able to withstand water, moisture, and extreme temperatures, not to mention prevent damage from intentional vandalism or other impact-related hazards.

 Fanvil selects only stainless steel or other hardened materials for the outer construction of its devices.

Their structures can effectively prevent damages resulting from rain, water spraying, wind, dust and reduce impact damages.

The impact resistant level on most Fanvil units is up to Ik10 standard with weather and environmental proofing levels up to IP65.

For businesses in the market for a reliable – and future proof – door phones or intercoms, contact ABP as there are a variety of Fanvil products that will exceed your expectations in quality and price.

We shall keep our customers updated on all Fanvil line of IP SIP Door Phones and IP SIP Intercom products in our Nairobi Kenya shop at all times.

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