Flyingvoice VoIP Gateway, VoIP Wireless IP PBX

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Wireless Mini IP PBX

FPX9102H is SMB Router and IP PBX products. FPX9102Hcan act as an SMB router with OpenVPN support, and the same as an Asterisk IP PBX.

It is an ideal products for small company to build their IP network with the voice supporting. For customer, only need to connect the IP phone to FPX9102H , Then the IP phone can get the sip account , Which is very easy and useful.

FPX9102H was developed based on the OpenWRT and Asterisk open-source project. Which is feature riched and easy to install and use.

Automatic configuration

Power on the IP phone and FPX9102H, Connect the PSTN and internet in FPX9102H correctly. The IP phone can connect the FPX9102H via wireless and get the sip account. You can also connect the IP phone to FPX9102H by manual.